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Announcing Our 2021-2022 Season

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Yellow Fever

by Rick Shiomi

May 20 – June 12, 2022

Spring, 1973. The Pacific Northwest. The alleys are dark. The bars are too bright. It’s raining out, probably. Private detective Sam Shikaze doesn’t just know crime…he knows everything that happens in this part of town. And this latest case might get him two black eyes and a one-way ticket to the bottom of the ocean. The thing is, Sam prefers to work alone…but everyone else in town seems to have other ideas.

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The Oregon Trail

by Bekah Brunstetter

August 19 – September 11, 2022

Funny, provocative, and intelligent, The Oregon Trail follows 90’s kid Jane from Middle School, where she takes solace in her favorite 8-bit video game, to adulthood, where the game seems to follow her with its all-knowing gaze, helping her navigate her growing pains. As she grapples with what it is she truly wants, Jane meets someone entirely unexpected: her own great-great-grandmother, on the Oregon Trail…in 1848.

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This Season’s Past Shows

Puss in Boots

by Vince Brady

November 27 – December 19, 2021

Our popular Panto returns this holiday season! All the elements you know and love get remixed again for a clever take on the tale of Puss in Boots. Our hero envisions a life of love, adventure, and bravery. The problem is, he has very few skills and even less money in his pocket! But a fantastical mix-up leaves him with what might just be the recipe for success: a little luck, a little magic…and a very clever cat.


Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

by Jeffrey Lane & David Yazbek

New dates:
April 1 – April 24, 2022

If you’re looking for a night filled with laughs and misbehavior, look no further! Dirty Rotten Scoundrels opened on Broadway in 2005 and received an astounding ten Tony nominations. A bright, catchy score accompanies the story of two con men, Lawrence and Freddy, competing for the same territory. In an attempt to decide who gets the lucrative and coveted Monte Carlo scene, they make a bet involving Christine Colgate, the wide-eyed “American Soap Queen.” The men decide to see who can be the first to get $50,000 from the naïve heiress – and the loser has to leave the country! The hijinks that ensue get wilder and funnier as they try to win over their target while ensuring they do everything to foil one another! (Recommended ages 16+)