See you soon!

Wanted to get a quick video in before you see the show Wednesday, if we can! We will have more for you after the performance – about a week’s worth of content with backstage stuff that we didn’t want to spoil for the show, and some things from our stage manager in the booth, so we are excited to share that.

For now, here are a few looks at our set, and a couple more things from David. See ya soon!

PS – if you think of more questions after you see the show – like how things worked, if a particular moment was tough tot rehearse, etc., let us know!


We opened the show!

Friday was Opening, whooo! BUT! We still have some pre-opening stuff to share. We also have some answers to TBHS’ questions coming in this week, so keep an eye out for those. (To TBHS Tech – the Tech Director/Set Designer is on another project now that we are open, so I may have to hunt him down, but I will see what I can get for you this week!)

Here are some videos of moments in tech rehearsal, including just a few hours before our first audience, and then a great chain of videos from David chronicling opening night (no spoilers!).

We are working on more answers to more questions, but of course, if there are no shows Monday-Thursday, I won’t see the actors! But we have plenty of content for you this week, and we are happy to take any more questions, thoughts, or requests!


Final Dress Rehearsal

We had a great final dress rehearsal, also known as a Preview in professional theatre. That means we invite an audience of volunteers, friends, and family to see the show and give the actors an idea of how and when the audience is most likely to react to things. That helps them with timing and expectation. Every audience is different; sometimes wildly so. But this gives us a baseline.

David’s Tech Update

Hi, everyone! We’ve got a series of quick clips David took to give you a glimpse of tech rehearsals! Apologies, when I tried to edit and upload the video, the picture kept removing itself. The only way to get it to stop was to use a format that cuts off the top of David’s head in the last video. So sorry! The video can be found here.

Here are also some photos of the scripts and Kaira (the lead, Clarissa) working on her lines.

What questions do you have for the cast about rehearsals or opening???

Tech Weekend Updates!

Hello, everyone! We are less than one week from opening night, and things are coming together with the tech elements! David has a few videos for you, which I will post tomorrow!

Mr. Leder’s class (well, everyone too)! Mo, our stage manager, made those Character Maps for you. Check them out below!

It’s a REALLY bonkers week for me, so apologies for being behind a bit. Enjoy the photos and video below!

Job Spotlight: Intimacy Coordinators

Today we have TWO videos! One detailing one of the many jobs helping get this show up, and another where a few of the actors stopped by the lobby to tell me some of their favorite mystery tropes, (in response to Mr. Leder’s class sharing theirs)!

As always, leave any questions for David or anyone else you see in the video, and we will get you some answers!


Meet David!

You briefly “met” David a few posts ago, but he is going to be your Actor Guide through backstage, any questions about the show, and all the fun stuff at tech. Here is a little hello and intro from him, and ten feel free to reply to him with any questions you have!

(Teachers, this video is requesting you download it to watch. I’m not sure why, but let me know if you have any issues and I will work to correct them. It should just quickly download and then you can click to play.)

David Intro