Black Lives Matter

Centerstage Theatre stands in solidarity with Black Lives Matter and all those who are against racism, injustice and hate. We stand in solidarity with those who protest for justice. We are horrified by the systemic racism and culture of violence that has led to the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and countless other Black Americans.

It is in our mission statement that we believe theatre to be an agent of challenge, change and education. We are listening to Black, Indigenous and POC voices and learning to become more effective in the work of anti-racism. We reaffirm our commitment to use our platform to challenge and educate in order to enact change in a currently inequitable society.

Immediate actions we are taking:

  • Initiating anti-bias and anti-racism training for all levels of our organization, which includes board members, staff, contractors, and volunteers.
  • Identifying and eliminating barriers that have kept Black, Indigenous and POC Federal Way area students from accessing our high school outreach programming, such as Page to the Stage and the high school internship, thereby better reflecting the Federal Way community at large.
  • We recognize the work of inclusion is never complete. We reaffirm our continued commitment to empowering and amplifying BIPOC voices in all aspects of Theatre.

We recognize the work of anti-racism is ongoing and we commit to further expanding our actions as we return to programming, once COVID restrictions are lifted.